Beautiful Hair. Dirty Scalp


hi all!

I have been washing my hair with water only for two weeks now everyday. I think our water is soft water because years back my mom bought a huge tank to soften the water.

I wash my hair with hot, warm water only and I use my finger tips to brush my scalp. I wash it everyday. no gel no hair product but yesterday was the first time in two weeks I used pomade to style my hair a certain way but I only applies to the hair and not the scalp.

After two weeks of water only no poo, my hair has a natural shine to it, no split ends, it curls and swirls on the ends of my hair. my hair strands are nice and in tack with each other like they are not separated from each other but in togetherness like the opposite of frizzy hair.

however, around the hairline section and the temple part, there is what looks like dandruff but I know that’s dirty, oil sebum of my hair or something. I have been no poo for two weeks and loving it but man my scalp is dirty no matter how I scrub or comb it during rinsing or brushing. It is snowing on my head lol. I started out with baby shampoo but then I loved the way it felt with without shampoo. it’s like your natural God given oils leaves your hair conditioned and moisturized without needing conditioner and is super soft.

I have even applied the no poo to my face. I wash my face with hot water only and scrub it with fingers around nose and my skin is looking clear and has its balanced natural moisturizer soft to it with is balanced oils and it looks great even my lines on my for head diminished.

one problem. dirty scalp.


Hey there! Are you washing your hair with just water? If so, then it may be that your hair is responding well to No Poo, but your scalp is the kind that produces a bit more oil than the average scalp, and thus needs to be cleaned with something additional to water once in a while.

The website includes various suggestions for things you can use to clean your hair, aside from commercial shampoo. The most natural and readily available alternatives that come to mind are baking soda (BS) and apple cider vinegar (ACV).

According to the site, BS “is effective for washing away oil buildup on your scalp and hair.” It’s a great solution for oilier scalps. However, the problem is that it might leave your hair a bit dry. So this is where ACV comes in. ACV is not only an effective germ killer and fungicide; it’s also a natural moisturizer, so it compensates for the BS’s unwanted drying effect.

Why don’t you try doing this twice a week: Wash with BS, rinse with water, then wash again with ACV, and rinse again with water. I hear there are people who shampoo with BS, and then rinse with ACV, and are seeing nice results; you might try that too. This should help your scalp feel and look cleaner within a couple weeks.

Another possibility might be to purchase one of those natural/organic shampoos that are very non-aggressive with your scalp and hair, though they are also more expensive.

Hope this helps. Best of luck! Let me know how it goes.


You may want to read through these pages, as they provide tips on how to apply the BS and ACV:


Hey there thank you so much for taking the time to respond and share all this amazing information!

yes! I am washing with water only and still am! it looks like it’s working what I am doing now!

what I am doing now is washing my hair twice a week or whenever it smells or begins to itch instead of washing it everyday it seem to balance things out!

but in the future, I wanna try the apple cider vinegar but without the mother because I heard many complaints about the baking soda so that would be my last resort and maybe I’ll check out whole foods market because they sell organic shampoos and stuff but for now I am happy with water only!

thank you and God bless!