Anyone use conditioner?


Hi everyone NoPoo virgin here!!
I started NoPoo last night after following slightly vague instructions from a chat with a friend. I washed my hair in fairy washing up liquid :flushed: and have used a conditioner on the mid length-to-ends as my hair is long. It’s a silicone & paraben-free brand, but then I was told I need Curly Girl conditioner. Any tips/advice?? I’d rather not be attached to a brand but go by their formula TIA


Since I’ve gone no poo, the great thing for me is my hair doesn’t need any conditioners. I have on occasions applied a mosturizing conditioner at times when I experiment with natural products in an effort to help mr hair grow. I’ve found using an egg mixture with ginger leaves my scalp dry and then my hair gets oily trying to compensate. I apply the moisturizer conditioner only to my scalp with my fingertips and within a few moments all is balanced out. No dry scalp and amazingly no oily hair.


I use argan oil on my ends and abiut half my length (classic length) on my non wash days, nothing on my wash days


for low poo rather than no poo I’ve heard a lot of people find co-washing really successful, some brands I’ve heard of are diva curl, palmers, as I am and noughty