American Duchess dry shampoo and pomade no shampoo

I went for about 3 months not washing my hair with regular shampoo, just using a shake on shampoo powder and vigorously brushing it through with my brushes (boar bristle for shine and one of those detangling brushes with balls on the ends). I’ve washed it twice now this month and don’t intend on washing it again unless I have to go to a salon.
Has anyone here tried old-fashioned no-poo methods? I’ve seen regular dry shampoos or talc mentioned, but I’m talking about the vegetative powder recipes used throughout history. I’m going to be making my own when this one I bought runs out.
During my no-washing period, my head got itchy periodically but I just needed to brush it a bit to deal with that. My hair grew like crazy during that period. It’s still thin but much longer.
In the future, I may also be using a conditioning hair dye sometimes, but I’m not sure yet. Thanks for allowing me to join.