ACV Only with no BS?


I dye my hair with henna, and it’s a really good treatment for hair, so every time I do a fresh dye I would go 3-5 days with only using conditioner and would love how my hair felt. This past time, I decided I liked it so much, I would just keep it going and except for one time about 3 weeks in, I haven’t used shampoo for 2-3 months, I just scrub my scalp with water, and then again with conditioner while also conditioning my hair.

Now I’m wondering if there’s a better alternative than store-bought conditioner, which brought me to this site! My hair does start to get oily by the end of the second day, but I typically don’t mind washing every other day. I’m considering trying just an ACV rinse, but I’m concerned that it would get too oily. On the other hand, I’m traveling overseas in a few weeks so I don’t want to get stopped by security because of carrying a white powder with me (I have to do carry-on only for this trip). Does anyone have suggestions? Should I try ACV only but lower ratio of ACV to water? I’m currently using a LOT of conditioner and would love to be done with that. Thoughts? Has anyone done ACV only without a BS wash? Thanks!


Im new to this and waiting my ACV to arrive to look is work or not…

But i was interested how u get the henna off without shampoo?? I wanted to try and i dont use BS or any shampoo just water and im scared that henna dont will take off my hair :frowning:

I use conditioner to wash out the henna. It works better than shampoo at getting it out, plus helps the dye to not fade as much in the washing process.

I tried both water/ACV and BS/ACV and neither really seemed to work well for me, so I’ve been just using water/conditioner, and scrubbing my scalp with the conditioner as well and that seems to be working for me. I have really fine hair, though.

Hope that helps!

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Thxn u i will try it! U use a normal conditioner?

Yep! I’ve been using one that advertises as using fewer chemicals and stuff (though I’ve not really done any research into it all) but it’s just a normal brand you can find at any Walmart.

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