ACV - my exprerience

Hallo there, I’m new.
I’ve tried hot water + ACV and after a month I still had my hair oily. To be honest hair were extremely good the first 2 days, but I’m lazy, I can’t wash my hair every day, so I suggest this method for people who can (or want) wash hair daily.
So I decided to return to “classic” shampoo… but I didn’t want to give up, so I tried baking soda and apple cider vinegar. The result is amazing! I can wash my hair once a week (more or less) and they look better than with “classic” shampoo!
I used a bottle where I can put about 2 spoon of BS, then add hot water.
Another little bottle like 100 ml, and fill it for about 1/4 with ACV and the rest is hot water.
Shake both bottles.
Then wash my hair with hot water and then use the water+BS bottle. I put it on my head, massage gently, then wash again with hot water. Now it’s time for ACV+water bottle: same as for BS, put mainly on the lenght and massage gently and wash with water (this time I start with hot water then gently move it till cold water - still massaging my head).
I think everyone has to find his own method because my hair is different from other people’s hair, but I want to share what I do cause I think this is a really great method to have clean, soft and beautiful hair.
So, don’t give up on ACV and combine it with baking soda cause it’s a great method! :slight_smile:

[sorry for bad english, I’m italian and my english isn’t perfect]

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Buongiorno! Welcome to the No-Poo community and thank you for sharing your experience!
I hope that your no poo journey will continue to be successful, and if you have any problems or questions, please ask!
And your English is very good! It’s not bad at all!
(On a side note: I studied Italian for a year in school, but I apparently forgot how to speak it because I wanted to reply to your message in Italian, but I could only remember “buongiorno”. :sob: )

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Don’t worry about Italian :smiley: I have an English friend that studied it since years but still he does some mistakes, even if he really improve compared to the beginning lol I think foreign language are hard, especially if you don’t use it. I studied German years ago but I forgot many things too xD
I like this no poo method and I think I will continue to use it for a long time. I’ve returned to shampoo during holidays because I couldn’t bring acv in airplane :frowning: and I saw the difference. I have to see if there’s a way to use this method even during holiday coz airplane rule are strict.
No poo method is the best, especially if you use “natural” brush: wood and boar hair. Even when my hair are “dirty”, they are so soft and smooth… I could stay hours talking about my hair ahahah
well, thanks again for the welcome :smiley:

Using lemon juice is a good alternative to acv. I prefer using lemon juice, because it doesn’t smell like acv ( I haaaaate the smell of acv :confounded: ). You can find lemons easier than finding acv. But I don’t know if you can bring lemons on a plane easier than acv hahaha.

I generally have problems with the different water when traveling. For a long time I lived in America and I had a water filter, so my water didn’t have too much minerals or chemicals in it. However, recently I moved to France and the water is much different, my hair doesn’t like the water. I don’t have the money to buy another water filter right now, so my hair has to deal with all of the minerals and chemicals in the water. I definitely feel the difference in the water. In America, my hair is gorgeous. In France, my hair looks like a bird’s nest. And my routine is the same, I’m washing my hair the same way in both countries. The unfiltered water is just destroying my poor hair. I’ll probably have to switch back to shampoo until I can buy a water filter :sob: