A Fix for Failure!

Beginning ‘No Poo’ 4 months ago, I attempted all of the cleansing methods suggested including baking soda and ACV, water only, ACV only. With no success, at the 2-month mark, I was forced to rethink when my scalp started itching, bleeding, and shedding oily flakes of skin. My hair is very long and thick, so this was unbearable.

After tons of research, I took a step back - a 2000 year step back - and came across Aleppo Soap. It has no modern chemicals - only lye (concentrated sodium hydroxide), olive oil, and laurel oil in varying percentages (15-60%). Its pure soap.

Laurel oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, the only downside is that the smell is very unique and quite strong, somewhat resembling damp leaves. However, this odour doesn’t linger much after hair dries, leaving a natural and rather pleasant smell which fades over the day anyway.

A 200g bar is fairly large, and about £6 (with shipping) per bar over the internet (in the UK). I have had my current bar for a month and there is barely a dent in it with washing twice a week. When washing, it doesn’t lather very much, and the brown layer on the outside lathers far less than the green on the inside. I tend to rub the soap on my hand until my hand feels slippy, then rub it on my hair. But I have found it more effective rubbing the bar on my hair and scalp, and then massaging and distributing the soap through all off my hair using my hands.

Soap alone is, of course, alkaline. And so, using Aleppo Soap alone will make your hair a little dry. However, using ACV (which is acidic) mixed with water as a conditioner to neutralise your hair and scalp is very effective. Play with your ACV : water ratios and find the one which works best for you. I personally use 2 tbsp to 250ml and it works fine.

I hope this information is helpful to any who have had the same or similar experiences as me, there is no such thing as failure!


just wash with water and if necessary not always, conditioner. avoid shampoo and all this baking soda acv. i don’t use none of that but water and suave conditioner to clean the excess oils. i produce sometimes too much sebum because i consumed a lot of fats and foods heavy on fats fried foods.

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I only use cornflour and a combing of water into my hair, once or twice a week.

Avoid baking soda, honestly, this is the worst thing you can do. It’s too harsh, it strips too much, it weakens hair. As you found out, it also dries the scalp and damages it.
Avoid altering your hair’s natural PH.
Avoid adding extra oil to your hair (honestly, your scalp can produce more than enough).
Do make sure to add moisture to your hair and scalp if it starts to feel wirey or dry. Moisture helps oil move from root to tip, and gets it off the scalp.
Do hair dryer/straighten your hair if it starts to get sticky + add some grease binding agent (in my case, cornflour. Find what works for you.) to help remove excess oil.
Do brush/comb root to tip at least twice a day.

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