5 months with Rhassoul Clay but no great improvement!


Hey guys!
So it has been 5 months since I have started the No Poo method. I use Rhassoul Clay and ACV, which make my hair very soft and everything (BS tends to be too agressive on my hair and dry my scalp too much). BUUUUT my hair does not last longer than it did before between washes…i still have to wash it every other day, max 2! Before I used natural shampoos, so it’s not like I was transitioning from Elvive or so.
I am getting a bit tired if i must be honest…Any suggestions or similar situation? Do you sometimes use a proper shampoo or soap? I was thinking of using Aleppo soap at least once a month.


Hi Lulu

I find that ACV anywhere near my scalp makes it incredibly oily. I would carry on with the Rhassoul clay, but mix it with only boiled water that has cooled down. I make my mixture fairly runny, drizzle it on dry hair, massage it in, comb it through, wait 5 minutes while I do other things in the shower, then rinse well. You can follow up with a water-ACV mix, rinsed off after about 30 seconds on the ends if you like, but I don’t find this necessary. If you are concerned about dry ends with the clay wash, you can also apply a small amount of a mixture of honey and oil (such as coconut or jojoba) on the ends the night before you wash, and sleep with it in; the clay will wash it right out in the morning and the honey-oil mixture will protect your ends. Hope this helps!


Hi. I recommend you just not to put anything on your hair for few months. You think that if those are natural things it must be ok, but you are using a very strong substances. Dont do it! Think natural, think about all the animal with lots of hair on it. They not using anything and their hair is great. The simplest way and the natural way is the best. And dont forget to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Beens and just small amount of foods from animals.