3 years in and now dull and flaky. Ideas?


I’ve been no-poo for 3 years now. For me that means I use a palm of heavily diluted Dr Bronner’s lavender from a foaming pump. Scrub the scalp with my fingertips. Rinse just the ends with heavily diluted ACV (because any more than that and it leaves my hair too slippery and without body, and my scalp itchy). I do this 2-3 days a week. I have shoulder-length fine blonde hair with some natural wave to it that emerged after I ditched the chemicals. I brush 1-2x/day with boat bristle.

In the last few months my scalp has been itchy and my hair has been shedding dry skin. I don’t think it’s technically dandruff, but I don’t know. I’ve never has this problem. Also, I’ve lost body and shine. Help! What do I do?

I’ve used a couple of V05 treatments, but after the first day they didn’t do much. Tried a hot oil treatment with coconut oil but had to abuse my scalp terribly trying to scrub my head of the heavy oil that would not rinse out. Defeated the purpose.

Should I try baking soda in place of Bronner’s? I tried 2 weeks of water-only and my hair was just worse. Should I try the rye flour thing? Really don’t want to buy products but I want a healthy scalp again and hair that looks good. Thanks!


Use water only. And wait, for healing takes time. Do not wash everyday, so the scalp oil has time to be.


I just made a general post in response to this. Read it here: Stuck? Give rye flour a try!

Good luck!


Absulutly right. Rye flour worked for me very good. Try it!


Try drinking lots of carrot juice. I started with 1.6 l bottle per day, then a 900 ml bottle per day, then just a cup (for other reasons). Got really bouncy shiny hair. I guess vitamin A in multi vitamin pills doesn’t work quite as well as carrot juice.


I think it must be something you’re using on it. I would stop using anything but water and wait and make sure you’re massaging the scalp when washing/ rinsing with water.

If you don’t want to do that, then I heard using an egg to wash your hair or a natural honey mixture worked for other with a flaky scalp/ dandruff. Hope that helps