3 weeks, nothing but water


Hi - I’ve slavishly stayed true to the no-poo mantra, truly no anything except water for 3 whole weeks and yet 21 days in my flaky scalp/dandruff is as bad as ever???

Am I doing something wrong?? Is this normal? I’m close to giving up and reaching for the head and shoulders unless this is like the storm before the calm? Interested to hear if others have got worse before they got better?

Many thanks in advance for any advice here. I’ve got to go now and brush my shoulders again … #awkward


The first weeks, my scalp looked like a ski slope.

However, does it look clean after a water wash or not?

I personally can’t get it entirely clean with water only. If that’s the case for you as well, then I would advise you to use a natural shampoo (check out the ingredients!) or a shampoo alternative (I use egg yolk every two weeks).


Worse or “just bad as ever”? Healing takes time…

My hair, for example has been falling for three years now, and going no-poo has not stopped it completely…

It takes time to heal. And if the disease takes place inside then you may still have symptoms.

Do you wash everyday? If your scalp is dry wash once a month… or once a week.


Yes it looks clean after a water wash. Incidentally I started again and have reached week 6 and no itching or flaky scalp. My hair feels thicker too. However it’s very fly away.