2 years of no poo - how to keep him moisturized?

Hey guys!

So I am doing the no poo method for quite some time and I like the most of it.
I used Baking soda and ACV, and switched to Rye wash and ACV because the baking soda made my hair very dry.
I also do some masks like clay and flaxseed and cut my hair short because it became SUPER DRY. although I have an oily skin.

  • any suggestion on how to grow it healthier this time? I need it to be more moisturized but things like coconut makes my scalp to oily.

  • also, I get this itchy feeling on my scalp after a couple of days. is it ok after 2 years of no poo?


Wow, no replies? I started with diluted baking soda/ACV over 10 yrs ago, switched to light rye flour/ACV ~2 yrs ago and LOVE IT!!. I have naturally oily skin/hair, and the rye flour acts as a surfactant for cleaning. I dilute the ACV - - - I think its 1/2 cup with enough acv to make a qt. I’ve heard rosemary helps stimulate new hair follicles so I steep it a few weeks before filtering it for use. I do NOT rinse out the acv, I leave it in, and I air dry my hair - no blow dryer.

So make sure you’re completely washing the rye flour out? Sounds like the issue is specific to your hair care, or it would be more global. Don’t give up.