1.5 Years BS and ACV, no change in grease buildup, thoughts?


Hey there, just found this forum and very grateful for any and all help and input. In reading through other topics, it doesn’t seem to be exactly the same since it’s been so long (but apologies if it’s similar!)

I have fine/soft medium-length straight/wavy brown hair. For the last year and a half my regime has been roughly 1/2 tbspn BS with a cup of water shampoo, massaging it thoroughly into the roots, rinsing it out, and leaving ACV in for 5 minutes to the bottom half, followed by a rinse. I do this 1-2x a week depending on how much I can put up with the grease factor, and while my hair gets clean with it, I’m seeing no lessening in grease build up or need to wash. I have forced washes down to once a week for months on end hoping my hair would adjust but it still gets greasy within 24-48 hours, same as I was with commercial shampoo.

My ideal goal is to push oil and grease build-up as long as possible. Does anyone have recommendations of things to try that will get me to a once-a-week (or less) wash without so much grease in between? I started this to cut back on washings and oily hair-I’ll try anything and I don’t want to give up!



I am very new to this journey, just started 3 weeks ago. I am quite scared by what you are saying… Have you tried different no poo methods? From my readings it looks like BS and ACV are not ideally due to big difference in ph. Also, I think you need to rinse the roots with ACV, not only the ends, because ACV needs to neutralize the high alkalinity of BS. I am not sure if this is the reason you don’t see an improvement, but it may be worthwhile exploring other “no poo” options. I am using rye flour and quite happy so far…still get oily hair and need to wash every 2-3 days. So far, dry shampoo is quite a good alternative for in between washes, but creates build-up.
All the best with your journey.


I’m at about 10/11 months, and still get greasy hair every 2-3 days like commercial shampoo too. I tried to use the dry shampoo (tapioca flour) to absorb it, but it doesn’t look great with light brown hair. So in January this year I started mixing cocoa powder with the flour. This works much better for me (and smells lovely). With washing, I try to go 2 weeks, alternating between egg white and bicarb of soda/ACV, with rinsing in between. The dry shampoo seems to have helped so much.
I wear a hair piece (wavy pony tail) to work so I don’t have to worry about manky-looking shoulder length hair, and just try to make it look better at weekend.
I haven’t experienced all the wonders that some people have, but am loathe to go back to normal shampoo after struggling with it for so many months. Not been to hair dressers in that time, but I do need to go, I’m not looking forward to the comments when they find out I basically have cake ingredients in my hair!!
Fingers crossed it gets better for you.


The answer is nutrition, that balances the hormonal state of your body and reduces inflammation. And without gluten because of the thyroid.