Washed my hair water only.. Still Itchy?


Hi! I’m really new here and I thought I’d ask a quick question.
I’ve been hearing about no poo for a very long time and been wanting to try it for so long. I’m a stay at home mum so atm getting chance to wash my hair at all has been a struggle. I have been washing with shampoo and conditioner maybe once a month or when it started to get Itchy, with the idea that would help the transition, obviously that was wrong. Anyway. I just washed my hair water only last night and brushed it through with a half normal half bristle hair brush. My hair is very very thick and curly. When I wash it with shampoo it gets so dry and poofy… Horrible… Anyway. So I washed my hair but its still feeling a bit Itchy like I’ve not washed it… Maybe the water wasn’t hot enough to wash it? I don’t really fancy putting bicarbonate soda or vinegar on my hair I feel that defeats the purpose of natural hair… My outlook is we evolved this way. We shouldn’t need chemicals to wash… Any help is most appreciated! Thanks x


I replied but in the general forum, because it also applies to a couple of other recent posts similar to yours. Rye flour is totally worth a try. Read my whole post here: Stuck? Give rye flour a try!

Good luck!