Found something that Works!

I was using Cusson’s Mum & Me Ultra Mild Baby Shampoo for years. It is an ultra mild shampoo for newborns which did not strip the oil off my hair and it worked very well. However, when the whole range was discontinued I was distraught. I must have tried 30 shampoos, all of which stripped my hair dry. I have beautiful wavy hair that was made fizzy and ugly by these shampoos that stripped the oil off and made it dry like straw.

I finally found this solution which is very expensive, but it works. It is a cream cleaner called New Wash which is not a shampoo. It works even better than the Cusson’s shampoo. It is a cream made of natural ingredients with no stripping chemicals and no detergent in it. But I warn you, it is VERY expensive. I buy it at £44 plus £3.50 shipping. For me it is worth it.

I do have 2 conditioners that I have used for a long time that work well with this cream cleaner also.

  • My wash-out conditioner that I selected because it has whipped coconut oil as an ingredient, Pantene Pro V Smooth & Silk. Very cheap. I buy it in bulk size, put a lot in, and rinse it out.
  • The conditioner I leave in. it is meant to be rinsed out, but it works better as a leave -in in small amounts: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment. I have used it since I was 19. (I am a 40 something now.) Relatively expensive, but worth it. I leave in a small amount the size of a pound coin. It prevents my hair from getting fizzy.

Now, I only dry my hair naturally. I never blow-dry. If you are blow drying, stop it. That alone will improve your hair texture greatly. I do not use any heat products like curling irons either. Now and then I use plastic curlers I wind my damp hair around and leave to dry naturally when I want to bring out my curls more from time to time.

I you want to give it a try, tell me how it works for you on this thread.

Quite a few ingredients look like they could cause issues later on, like skin allergies, flare up dermatitis and there’s even some chemicals in there made from carcinogens. The alcohols in there can cause quite some damage and split ends. I imagine quite a few people (especially thin skinned) using this are clawing at their scalps.

What is the PH of this shampoo? Should say on the bottle.

Well, I just found this “New Wash” a few weeks ago. There’s no PH info on the tube/sac it comes in. I looked on the web site also.

The only problem I am having is product build up. It looks and feels superb for 2-3 days and then it feels like I put hair-spray all over it. I am putting the same conditioners in as I was when I was using the newborn shampoo. So, this time I will try leaving out the conditioners because the cream cleaner conditions on its own.

Not to be a negative Nelly but one reason people go no poo is to stop spending money or as much money. I see some people scoff at even the idea of buying a dry shampoo temporally during transition stage; unless it’s cornstarch.

However, I am glad you found something that works for you; going no poo is definitely a unique journey for each individual. Thank you for sharing.

Not meaning to be a neg-nelly, but the whole point of no-poo is to avoid those very chemicals that cause your scalp to deteriorate and disrupt your natural head ecosystem, which causes the overproduction of oil that drives people crazy. The fact it’s often cheaper is just a side effect.

Having looked into this shampoo more, it does seem it’s effects are temporary and a lot of people do end up scalp issues, dryness, flaking, inflammation and irritation.

I don’t don’t if this meant as a slam against me, but I only mentioned it because it was mentioned to me from others while in these forums- and was passing the info forward.